Global Mobile Awards Nominees Announced: Medanets Rises to Rival Giant Companies

The list of this year’s nominees of the Global Mobile Awards (GLOMO) includes Medanets, a health technology company based in Oulu.

The GLOMO Awards is a competition that awards innovative mobile industry products, such as applications, devices and services. Winners from around the world are selected from ten different categories. Medanets is competing in the category Fourth Industrial Revolution for the title of the Best Mobile Innovation for Health and Biotech. The prizes will be presented in the MWC Barcelona ceremony in the presence of more than 107,000 expected attendees on 26 February.

Through the Medanets smartphone application, hospital and health centre care staff can browse and record patient data immediately in conjunction with the care event. As the data is transferred directly into the Electronic Health Record, there is more time left for what is essential, namely taking care of the patient instead of working on the computer.

According to the latest study conducted in Sweden, the Medanets mobile point-of-care solution brings time savings of more than 70 hours a month for units accessing the solution since the patient data can be checked and recorded immediately while in the patient’s room. With the new procedure, the flow of information regarding the patient’s condition is not broken and the patient can be offered safer care of better quality.

This mobile innovation is now accessed by more than 30 hospitals and a number of health centres in Finland and Sweden, making Medanets the industry market leader in the Nordic countries. The company vision is to provide its solutions globally in the future.


Contact person

Juha-Matti Ranta
CEO, Medanets
+358 44 566 4999

Source: Medanets


Joanna Seppänen, Health & Life Science, OuluHealth

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