Monidor selected for EU tender in Romania

Monidor IV therapy monitoring was selected in an EU tender for a Clinical hospital of infectious diseases (Spitalul Clinic de Boli Infecțioase Constanța) in Constanta Romania. Remote IV therapy monitoring and devices were delivered to five hospital wards in April 2024. At the same time, the hospital installed a Wi-Fi network in the wards. Hospitals across Europe are being upgraded through digitalization. This development is very rapid, especially in Eastern European countries.


Enhanced Patient Safety: Monidor’s solution allows real-time monitoring of infusions, ensuring accurate administration and timely intervention if needed.

Streamlined Workflow: Healthcare professionals can efficiently monitor multiple gravity infusions at a glance alongside other work, improving workflow and facilitating routine work.

Cost-Effective: Avoiding routine infusion check-ups in patient rooms (especially isolation rooms) saves time and material costs (protective gear).

Jensen Pharma is the distributor of Monidor in Romania.

‘We are very proud that we were able to support the Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases Constanta in its mission to increase the patient’s safety and the working conditions of the medical staff. PNRR financed the project as part of the digitalization of the healthcare system program,’ said Dr Catalin Godra, Manager of Jensen Pharma

Source: Monidor