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Future Hospital
OYS 2030

The smartest hospital in the world.


OuluHealth Labs – a unique test and development environment

OuluHealth Labs provides your product a unique, integrated health test and development environment – including professionals’ feedback – for every phase of your R&D process. Our doors are open for innovative pilots that add value to patient care from home to hospital.


Haku Suomen ensimmäiselle Keksintöjen Kasvupolulle on nyt auki

Keksintöjen Viikko -tapahtuma on jo 14 vuoden ajan auttanut yrityksiä ja yksityishenkilöitä innovaatioiden kaupallistamisessa ja kehittämisessä. Nyt ollaan lanseeraamassa Suomen …

Hyvinvointia edistävien digipalveluiden asiantuntija-ylempi amk tutkinto

Opiskele hyvinvointia edistävien digipalveluiden huippuosaajaksi Oulun ammattikorkeakoulussa! Uusi korkeakoulututkinto (YAMK) sopii sosiaali- ja terveysalan sekä tekniikan alan ammattilaisille. Koulutuksessa perehdytään …

A brand new Visor-product from Screentec

To answer the urgent need for various disposable products in the healthcare sector, Screentec Oy will start producing a new …

Endometrioosin teemaviikko

Gynekologinen potilasjärjestö Korento ry (ent. Endometrioosiyhdistys) järjestää valtakunnallisen Endometrioosiviikon 23. – 29.3.2020. Vuoden 2020 tapahtuman teemana on #näkymätönnäkyväksi. Miten eri …

Scale up your business in the 12th IOT/WT Innovation World Cup®

Innovation World Cup® Series is welcoming tech start-ups, scale-ups and innovative SMEs around the globe to submit your solutions that …

Smart ring startup Oura raises $28 million

The Oulu-based wellness ring startup, Oura, has received  $28 million from Google’s Gradient Ventures, Square, and Forerunner Ventures for its product …

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Discover OuluHealth

OuluHealth Labs

OuluHealth Labs provides your product a unique, integrated health test and development environment – including professionals’ feedback – for every phase of your R&D process. OuluHealth Labs services are provided by Oulu University Hospital, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and City of Oulu’s Health and Social Care Services.

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Future Hospital

In the next two decades, the Oulu University Hospital will invest 500 MEUR in the modernization of its functions and premises. The first stage of the program is the launch of the children’s and women’s hospital renewal. The vision is to become the most intelligent hospital in the world.

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Research & Innovation

Multidisciplinary top researchers, access to different health data sources and numerous start-ups create the basis for thriving RDI activities. Centre for Health and Technology manages OuluHealth´s RDI cooperation.  The North Finland sample collections of Biobank Borealis  and The Birth Cohort Studies research program provide excellent possibilities for RDI.

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Finland is one of the few countries which life science export exceeds import. And in Finland, Oulu is one of they major player in the business. Take a closer look at our excellent companies in the fields of diagnostics, health IT, health and wellness services, medtech and other life science related products and services.

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Innovation for Health Conference & Global Investor Forum, Rotterdam

The Innovation for Health Conference brings together participants from industry, academia and government to collaborate on future innovations for healthcare. …

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DMEA –Connecting Digital Health, Berlin, THE EVENT POSTPONED

Due to the heightened health risk and the assessment of events relating to the coronavirus, the Berlin public health authorities …

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E-health-seminaaripäivä – Tulevaisuuden terveydenhuoltoa luomassa, Oulu

Tapahtuma toteutetaan COVID-19 -tilanteen vuoksi etäopetuksena – palautetta terveydenhuollon ammattilaisilta v. 5.0 Pidämme terveys- ja hyvinvointiteknologian yrityksille sekä pilottivaiheessa oleville …

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Online Health Tuesday: doing business with Business Finland

Health Tuesdays, which are organized on the first Tuesday of each month, offer participants an excellent opportunity to discuss with professionals of health, …

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Russian AgeTech Market Conference/ Vozrastech, St. Petersburg

The Vozrastech AgeTech Market Conference is the only specialized age-tech conference in Russia. The event is part of the international Older Generation …

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Hannover Deep Dive #2 -The EVENT POSTPONED

Navigate the German Healthcare Market For Nordic companies offering in- and outpatient care solutions Get ready for your successful German …

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