Testing & Co-creation

OuluHealth Labs is a co-creation platform that enables cooperation between health and social care providers, research and innovation organisations and companies. OuluHealth Labs consist of three test bed facilities, which provide an integrated development environment and end-users’ feedback for every phase of a R&D process.

We offer

1. User – oriented development and testing services.
2. Facilities and equipment for rent.
3. Presentations of products and facilities.
4. Trainings and expert-created packages tailored to the specific needs of companies and other target groups.
5. Sparks funding opportunity for companies to test / pilot health innovations: http://www.ouluinnovation.com/index.php?651.(For more information regarding Sparks funding, contact Olli Löytynoja, olli.loytynoja@businessoulu.com, phone number: 0400 340 028)


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If you want to develop your product or service in a hospital environment

A test environment for specialized health care products and services in the heart of its provider, Oulu University Hospital. It offers all you need to test and develop your product or service in an authentic hospital environment and with genuine users.

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If you want to develop your product or service in social and healthcare processes, citizen’s homes

Oulu WelfareLab enables developing your solution and innovating with real end-users: customers, patients and professionals in social and healthcare centers and homes. This model has been co-created by social and healthcare services in the City of Oulu.

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If you want to develop your product or service in simulated health and social environments

Oamk SimLab provides versatile possibilities for testing and developing products and services and training the staff. It is possible to utilize both students’ from different study programs and teachers’ feedback during research and innovation processes.

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