Admescope has acquired MetaSafe AB

Admescope Ltd, a pre-clinical ADME-Tox service provider, has announced the acquisition of MetaSafe AB.

MetaSafe, based in Södertälje, Sweden, is a contract research organisation working with small, midsize and large pharmaceutical companies in the area of drug biotransformation/metabolism. MetaSafe is especially focusing on clinical phase drug metabolism studies from safety perspective, but also provides services for preclinical stage of drug development.

Admescope has the headquarters and laboratories in Oulu, Finland. The company will continue to operate MetaSafe’s business in Södertälje. This acquisition will strengthen Admescope’s drug metabolism services further to clinical phase projects and will  provide the benefit of having another high-quality laboratory facility.

‘We are excited about the acquisition and warmly welcoming MetaSafe’s experienced experts as a part of the Admescope team. Due to the excellent synergy between the companies´ service portfolios and operative models, this acquisition will add value for both MetaSafe’s and Admescope’s customers, as together we create a more comprehensive service offering with strengths from the both companies,’ said dr Ari Tolonen, CEO of Admescope.

‘At MetaSafe we are very pleased to see a future as an integrated part of Admescope. Together we can position our global business even better, more sustainably and more efficiently – to the advantage of our customers and business partners. The merger will create a unique ADME CRO, providing complete ADME services to our customers. MetaSafe’s and Admescope’s services are highly complementary, and in the future we will be in a position to provide our customers with a comprehensive offering from a single source for everything relating to ADME services in order to ensure early and late lead candidate optimisation,’ continued dr Johanna Haglund, CEO of MetaSafe.

Contact person

Juho Alatalo
VP, Marketing and Sales, Admescope Ltd
+358 40 357 9603

Source: Admescope

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