UROS and TietoEVRY collaborate on new opportunities in 5G IoT

UROS, a multinational technology company specialising in IoT, and TietoEVRY, a leader in digital services and software, today announced they will collaborate to explore and accelerate the market enablement of new wireless connectivity opportunities for 5G IoT. 

TietoEVRY joins the UROS Innovation Center Partner Ecosystem, which aims to create commercially-viable solutions for the needs of different industries and sectors. TietoEVRY’s vast experience in connected devices, products and platforms will accelerate 5G-enabled product development in UROS Innovation Center’s labs.  

Many advanced electronics and industrial equipment companies will embed 5G capability into their products to enable advanced data-driven services. The combination of the low power consumption of 5G modules – enabling up to 10 years of battery life – and low latency data processing in the cloud opens up completely new possibilities for use.  

5G will be the best technology choice for an increasing number of use cases in industrial IoT, the smart home, and the health and energy sectors. Examples include plant-level video analytics or remote control of process and moving equipment,” says Arto Makkonen, Vice President, Electronics software R&D business at TietoEVRY. “We help connected-device manufacturers, both on the industrial and the consumer-electronics side, to evaluate the potential of 5G and scale its use. Together with UROS, we will contribute to 5G IoT related research and development – accelerating the market enablement of use cases that can scale.”  

“We see that there are multiple interesting collaboration areas, one of them being the inclusion of responsiveness in digital signage,” says Rauno Jokelainen, CTO of UROS. “With a private 5G network and a large variety of the latest screens and content management systems, our Innovation Center in Oulu provides a great platform for exploring responsive digital signage with time-specific or personalized content.”  

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Arto Makkonen

Vice President, Electronics software R&D business, TietoEVRY, 


Source: TietoEVRY