Tohtori Latvus receives encouraging feedback in assisting mental health professionals

Oulu is home to a thriving health technology sector. One example of the great innovations being developed in the area is Tohtori Latvus, an app developed by Hefaistos Oy. The app, accessible via an internet browser, assists mental health professionals by generating descriptive text that is instantly applicable to patient records.

The app saves professionals’ time spent on psychiatric interviews, assessments, and text creation. It covers all aspects of patient records from background information to the treatment plan.

Tohtori Latvus has received very encouraging user feedback, and many new trial periods are underway. Feedback suggests that the app not only enhances efficiency but also helps patients express their situation more clearly. The app structures the workflow, simultaneously improving quality and reducing the burden on professionals and patients. The app is continuously enhanced in collaboration with the clients. An introduction video can be watched on Tohtori Latvus’s website.

The goal is to expand the use of the app and continue its development in collaboration with clients. The company is also open to research projects.

Source: Hefaistos