The University of Oulu to deliver meaningful educational content in the European CeBMI project

The University of Oulu has created educational content in the field of digital health and medical informatics in the University-Industry Educational Centre in Advanced Biomedical and Medical Informatics project (CeBMI). The initiative is part of the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme. The content is now available on the CeBMI teaching platform for the use of students, teachers and companies active in the field of biomedical and medical informatics.

The aim of the CeBMI project is to support the educational process and develop courses addressing current progress in biomedical and medical informatics (BMI). Within the project, a centre in advanced BMI will be developed to create new courses in BMI at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The centre will provide an invigorating environment to facilitate cooperation among technical and medical universities and enterprises. This will also enable an exchange of expertise, skills, and competencies in the field.

As a well-known international research and education community, the University of Oulu joined educational institutions, organizations and enterprises from 9 European Union countries to create the content and work on the implementation of the project. The cooperation has resulted in delivering the material in the following categories:

  • AI to Support Decision Making
  • Data Mining
  • Educational Software in Virtual Reality
  • Health Information Systems, eHealth and Telemedicine
  • Image Processing with ImageJ
  • Medical Background, Epidemiology and Medical Statistics
  • Medical Simulation
  • Reliability, Safety and Security
  • Signal Processing for Health-Enabling Technologies

The content is available on the CeBMI teaching platform that is supervised by the University of Žilina in Slovakia.

Read more about the CeBMI teaching portal.

Contact person

Jarmo Reponen

Professor of Healthcare Information Systems

Faculty of Medicine, University of Oulu

jarmo.reponen (at)

Source: University of Oulu