The Neuron Activation Pod wins the Best of NeoCon 2023 award in Chicago

The Neuron Activation Pod (N.A.P.) is a design product created in cooperation with Neurosonic and Loook Industries Ltd. The solution that perfectly combines Loook’s design with Neurosonic’s technology has recently taken home the Best of NeoCon 2023 award.

The innovation is a silent capsule equipped with cutting-edge technology that enhances human well-being. N.A.P. not only helps you to sleep better, but it is also an outstanding place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace or even to hold a virtual meeting in a calmer environment. The solution transmits very low-frequency vibrations in the body, which affects the autonomic nervous system and stimulates natural healing abilities, especially through the quality of sleep. The technology mechanically guides the user into a meditation-like state. Next, the mechanisms of the nervous system are activated and stress-related symptoms, such as anxiety, and sleep disorders relieved. The users of N.A.P have also reported a decrease in pain.

The solution is now available in the USA.
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Source: Neurosonics