The Monidor Vitals a success in both domestic and international market

Oulu-based health technology company, Monidor, is following a straight path to global expansion. There has been a clear increase in demand for their innovation as Vitals’ sales have already reached the target set for 2023. The third hospital in Finland uses the Monidor Vitals and the first devices have been recently delivered to Switzerland. As far as the domestic market is concerned, the product was introduced in North Karelia Central Hospital, Savonlinna Central Hospital, and Päijät-Häme Central Hospital.

The Monidor Vitals, launched in May 2023, is a new way of monitoring SpO2 and pulse remotely and improving the experience for both patients and medical professionals. The device is especially handy during the night when patients are sleeping, or for patients that are in isolation.

“The future looks promising. The product was launched in May, and by August, the third hospital has already started using it. There appears to be a high level of interest in other hospitals as well”, said Mikko Savola, CEO of Monidor.

According to Central Hospital of Savonlinna, Monidor Vitals has been well received at the ward and has been used with a low threshold. It allows healthcare professionals to easily monitor oxygen saturation levels at rest and during exertion, making it easier to initiate oxygen therapy and assess the need for it. It has also been a useful tool with COVID-19 patients. The product is currently used in the internal medicine 4A unit.

Contact person

Mikko Savola

CEO, Monidor

Source: Monidor