The ISO13485 certificate for Kipuwex

Kipuwex Ltd has been awarded the ISO13485 certificate for the development, manufacturing, and sales of the Kipuwex monitoring device. The certificate highlights the company’s commitment to high quality and continuous improvement. It also demonstrates that Kipuwex is able to meet applicable regulatory requirements in accordance with the requirements of the medical device standard ISO 13485: 2016.

Kipuwex is an Oulu-based healthtech company that disrupts the medical pain and vitals monitoring market with a low cost, IoT based solution for patients of all ages. The company’s solution continuously measures different physiological parameters of the patient. This information is then converted with an algorithm into pain data and transferred to a Kipuwex mobile application and/or Patient Information Database.

Kupuwex is currently focusing on growth and expansion to foreign markets.

Contact person

Marko Höynälä

CEO, Kipuwex

Source: Kipuwex