The Financial Times places QuietOn on the list of gadgets with superpowers

The QuietOne solution was named by the Financial Times a tiny gadget with superpowers. The innovation is a set of earbuds that provide silence in different environments and when you need it the most.

The earbuds combine active noise cancellation with acoustic noise attenuation to create a better experience of silence. They can be used in many areas of daily life, for example, while studying, traveling, and sleeping but also to relax and recharge. The earbuds weigh just 1.8g each and they are easy to use. While the foam tips simply act as earplugs, the built-in Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) deals effectively with hums and other persistent noises.

The company has recently released QuietOn 3.1. The new version of its solution features an improved noise-canceling experience as well as greater comfort to further enhance sleep quality.

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Source: QuietOn