Support is now available for SME companies recruiting foreigners

Are you wondering about the practical issues related to employing foreigners? Information is now easily accessible.

Recruiting people from abroad can be a complex process. Many SMEs are interested in bringing workers to Finland, but they may be concerned about dealing with the authorities and other practical issues. As an entrepreneur, you may wonder how much of a burden the process will be and all the things you will need to take into account. Once the immigration permits are in order, your new employee will need help in other ways as they get set up in their new home country.

Save your resources and find all the information you need. Read more and find out what service packages are available for your new employee to help them get settled once they arrive in Finland.

You can focus on orientation in the workplace and feel confident that your new recruit will get off to a great start in Finland.

Sanna-Riikka Kulmala
Global relocation manager / Finland Relocation Services Oy
+358 9 502 1220

Source: Kohtisuomea