Screentec earns approval from their esteemed FDA-regulated customer

Screentec Oy has shared a remarkable milestone in the company’s journey and announced earning approval from their esteemed FDA-regulated customer after a successful audit.

This approval marks a significant accomplishment for the company, officially establishing Screentec as a trusted manufacturer of their product. It not only unlocks new growth opportunities but also reinforces Screentec’s position in the industry.

The audit result is not only a testament to our commitment to quality but also a significant step forward for Screentec. This achievement positions us as a reliable partner for clients seeking FDA-compliant manufacturing, thereby enhancing our competitiveness in the global marketplace,’ said Antti Tauriainen, CEO of Screentec Oy.

Special recognition goes to the company’s exceptional team, whose effort and hard work made this achievement possible:

  • Jaana Kananen (Quality Manager)
  • Katja Lehtomaa (HR and Project Manager)
  • Hamza Khallok (Process Quality Engineer)
  • Jani Sutinen (Process Engineer)
  • Mia-Maria Kivelä (Quality Assurance Engineer)
  • Mikko Paakkolanvaara (CTO)
  • Jussi Saukko (Design Department Manager)
  • Petri Huhti (Production Manager)

The Importance of Verification and Validation

‘The journey towards FDA regulatory requirement compliance highlights the critical role of V&V in ensuring product quality and regulatory compliance. By carefully verifying and validating our processes, we ensure that the products meet regulatory standards, guaranteeing their safety, efficacy, and reliability for the end-users,’ adds Tauriainen.

Source: Screentec Oy