Screentec makes measuring sports performance easier

Screentec has designed electrode patches for devices that are made to track athletes more accurately, even when a sports watch cannot be worn during the exercise. These wearable sensors have opened up new possibilities among the coaching staff, athletic clubs, federations, and more. A device like Movesense – a programmable Bluetooth ECG, heart rate, and movement sensor – offers a wide range of usage with glue-on electrodes that track movement, acceleration, and impact, but also details that are beneficial in healthcare, such as tracking arrhythmias and other abnormalities.

The company has been recently working together with Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence (NSII) on their ACT Head Impact Tracker’s second model.

If you want to find out more about the future of wearable sensors and their potential for professional athletes and recreational hobbyists, check NSII’s CEO and co-founder, Heidi Kivimaa‘s thoughts on the subject. The whole article is available on Screentec’s website.

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Petri Alhainen

Screentec, sales

Source: Screentec