Screentec and PalmSens Join Forces for Wearable Impedance Measurement

Screentec and PalmSens combined their expertise to create a joint demonstrator for impedance measurement. By measuring impedance – the resistance and reactance to electrical currents – one can gain insights into body composition, hydration levels, stress levels, and even environmental factors.

Screentec focuses on designing and manufacturing high-quality, comfortable, and durable electrodes and devices for medical monitoring and diagnostics. PalmSens is a global leader in the development and manufacturing of portable and versatile electrochemical measurement instruments used for a wide range of applications, such as laboratory research, point-of-care applications, and field testing in industries such as pharmaceuticals and body monitoring, among others. They now united forces in a collaboration that takes a giant leap forward in the development of a wearable sensor that seamlessly integrates with PalmSens’ wearable potentiostat.

One of the main goals of the collaboration was to create a wearable sensor capable of impedance measurement and integrate this feature into PalmSens’ The Sensit Wearable. With this kit, users are provided with a comprehensive solution for real-time impedance measurements, providing data for athletes, healthcare professionals, researchers, and individuals, and making impedance measurement accessible, versatile, and user-friendly.

Source: Screentec