Screentec and Innokas to exhibit in Strasbourg

Two OuluHealth ecosystem’s members, Innokas and Screentec, are joining forces to showcase Nordic Healthtech expertise at MedFit in Strasbourg in mid-October.

MedFit is a yearly organized European partnering event for innovation partnerships and investment rounds in the MedTech, Diagnostic and Digital Health sectors. The event has established connections with many European ecosystems and clusters in the field and gathers participants not only from France but throughout Europe.

We see this as a great opportunity to take the Nordic reliability and expertise in MedTech and put it in the spotlight on a European platform together with our colleagues at Screentec. Working together means we have broader shoulders to talk about Finnish technology expertise and promote both companies as prominent partners in developing and manufacturing innovative medical technology products in Europe”, sauid Päivi Leppänen, Business Development Director, from Innokas Medical.

Mikko Paakkolanvaara, CTO of Screentec Oy, explained: “The European market holds huge significance for us in the medical technology sector, and this importance is further underscored by the fact that over 80% of our customers in the medical sector are based in Europe.

Europe’s healthcare landscape is characterized by its advanced healthcare systems, rigorous quality standards, and strong focus on patient well-being, making it an ideal market for cutting-edge medical technologies. “Our commitment to serving European market reflects our dedication to advancing healthcare technology and improving patient care across Europe and beyond. Success in the European market can also serve as a launchpad for global expansion. Many companies view Europe as a strategic entry point into other international markets due to its well-established healthcare infrastructure and regulatory standards”, added Paakkolanvaara.

Both companies have wide hands-on expertise in helping Medtech companies from startups to large companies bring their solutions to market. “We have a deep understanding of what it takes to design, and manufacture medical devices and to develop medical software, considering the regulatory side. “We are looking forward to sharing our know-how together with another experienced manufacturer to European customers and want to cooperate to make sure we are better found”, concluded Leppänen.

Innokas and Screentec are showcasing at the MedFit on October 10th-11th at stand C1-D2.

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Source: Innokas Medical