OuluHealth Ecosystem

Close cooperation to boost business development and provide better healthcare services

OuluHealth – the innovative ecosystem from Finland

The thing that differentiates Oulu is its unique OuluHealth ecosystem, one of the five innovation ecosystems of the Oulu Innovation Allience. The ecosystem was founded in 2012 to strengthen the collaboration between the city of Oulu, universities, researchers, health and social care providers as well as the private sector. OuluHealth, one of the five Oulu Innovation Alliance ecosystems, aims at accelerating the implementation of health innovations, boosting the health tech business and creating better solutions for the benefit of citizens.

OuluHealth has done systematic work to make Oulu a great place to live, conduct research, introduce innovations and develop businesses. The ecosystem has so far generated significant results: health and life science sector in Oulu has grown to the second largest health technology centre in Finland and one of the leading in Europe, new solutions are in use along with an outstanding innovation platform and several projects are ongoing.

The ecosystem is shaping the future by supporting innovations, creating new business opportunities and providing a unique environment for the health-tech businesses.

Find out how OuluHealth integrates health with modern technology to spur innovation. Get to know our goals and join us in creating the future of tomorrow’s healthcare.

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