QuietOn upgrades the journey to Quietude with the new QuietOn 3.1 tech update

Building upon the success of QuietOn 3, Finnish tech innovator QuietOn™ has announced the launch of QuietOn 3.1, a technology update to the company’s award-winning QuietOn 3 earbuds. The innovative earbuds now feature a transition period between hearing mode to noise canceling that enables an improved ANC experience, as well as a new eartip material that brings user comfort to a whole new level.

The updated earbuds take users on a seamless journey to quietude by creating a smooth, quick transition to active noise canceling mode from the moment they’re removed from the case. While they begin in a transparent hearing mode, in less than half a minute, QuietOn 3.1 earbuds automatically switch over to active noise canceling mode, transporting individuals to a calm and peaceful space regardless of the environment.

‘The QuietOn 3.1 update speaks to our company’s commitment to improving the health and wellness of our customers,’ said QuietOn Founder Janne Kyllönen. ‘By continually listening to and incorporating customer feedback into our product design, QuietOn remains hyperfocused on giving people the comfortable and peaceful environment they need to improve their sleep habits,’ he added.     

Remarkably, QuietOn has been able to implement this new feature without increasing the size or complexity of the device. Like QuietOn 3, the updated QuietOn 3.1 earbuds are small enough to fit entirely inside the ear, making them the only (ANC) sleep earbuds comfortable enough for everyone, including side sleepers, to wear throughout the night.

QuietOn 3.1’s new eartip material has an upgraded memory foam formula that is softer and features less bounce back than previous versions. The updated eartips also offer improved acoustic abilities and won’t increase in size if they come into contact with water or sweat. All of these improvements make the earbuds more comfortable for users to wear throughout the night.

Some of the most common noises that interrupt sleep are low-frequency sounds from home appliances, traffic or street noise, snoring partners, and noisy neighbors. QuietOn 3.1’s ANC technology eliminates ambient sounds by automatically generating opposite waveforms to nullify the low frequencies, resulting in a much quieter and more peaceful environment for sleep.

‘While white, pink, and brown noise machines are often used by consumers to help them fall asleep at night, studies suggest that adding new noise on top of existing noise to attempt to cancel it out isn’t always the healthiest option,’ continued Kyllönen. ‘With the QuietOn 3.1 update, we’re looking forward to providing users with a safer and more effective way to get a better night’s sleep.’

This update comes at a time when consumer interest in the benefits of sleep health is continuing to grow, thanks to better sleep education and new tracking devices. According to research from consulting firm McKinsey & Co., sleep loss has detrimental effects on both personal and professional aspects of life. The study also notes that consumers should focus on adjusting their lifestyles and work with their physicians to better prioritize a good night’s sleep.

QuietOn 3.1 comes with four different-sized eartips so consumers can choose the best fit as well as a convenient charging carrying case that provides 28 hours of use off a single charge. QuietOn 3.1 also boasts zero electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation due to not featuring any transmitters, receivers or connectivity options. The United Nations and World Health Organization identified EMFs as a health concern, making QuietOn 3.1 a healthier option for all.

Source: QuietOn