POPsote – a reform of health and social services in Northern Ostrobothnia

The Health and social services reform is a national reform led by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The objective of the reform is to ensure the health and social services equally for all Finnish people.

The focus will be on the basic services and the early problem prevention. The possibility to get help in an early phase is important in order to stop a small issue from escalating.

One of the main issues is to improve the availability of the services and accelerate the access to treatment. In the health and social centres of the future the customer will receive all the needed services in one place.

The population of Northern Ostrobothnia is ageing rapidly and is in more need of services than before.The decreasing birthrate, on the other hand, will reduce the number of working-age people contributing to tax revenue. The health and social services will be reformed, so that the rise of costs can be stopped and the equal health and social services for future generations can be secured as well.

The service reform in Northern Ostrobothnia will focus on the citizens

We have established the POPsote-project in the Northern Ostrobothnia in order to move the reform forward in our region. All of the municipalities and the health and social service organisations are part of the project.

The objective of the reform is to improve the availability of health and social services and the service experience. The development work will be done together with the people of the municipalities and multiple stakeholders.

You can follow the national health and social services reform at soteuudistus.fi

Read more: https://popsote.fi/