NACCOP – An Arctic platform for innovation work in healthcare

The NACCOP (Nordic Arctic Co-creation Platform) project’s target was to strengthen the innovation work of SMEs in healthcare and wellbeing by developing an Arctic platform for the Nordic countries to co-operate through a quadruple helix model. The platform supported ecosystem work and provided a network of innovation environments and services. It brought together stakeholders from all sectors of society and enabled SMEs to develop innovative new solutions.

Small and medium-sized companies were thus able to develop innovative products and services through multi-professional cooperation, based on the needs of the end-users from the public healthcare sector. The expertise of the universities brought in research-based product and service development.

To Connect and Collaborate

The co-creation platform was the channel for SMEs to connect, collaborate across borders, and innovate together. The platform enabled the development of new digital tools, digital social innovation, new services as well as new business models for health and wellbeing services. The platform also enabled knowledge sharing and strengthened the possibilities to live and work in the north.