Probot Oy and Ginolis forge a new path in robotics with a Preferred Partner Agreement

Probot Oy has been officially named Ginolis’s “Preferred Partner” for robot solution design. This partnership marks a pivotal moment, underscoring robotics’s growing demand and importance in modern manufacturing and design processes. Both companies are set to enter into a comprehensive framework agreement, promising a future of innovative collaboration.

Ginolis: revolutionizing precision automation

Ginolis is a renowned leader in precision automation and liquid handling technology. With a focus on the healthcare and diagnostic industries, Ginolis specializes in providing innovative solutions that enhance the efficiency and quality of manufacturing processes. Their commitment to innovation is reflected in their advanced robotics, assembly automation, and intelligent vision systems that ensure precision and reliability.

Probot Oy: Pioneering robotics solutions

Probot Oy stands at the forefront of robotics solutions, offering comprehensive services in design and programming. Their expertise extends to developing custom robots tailored to specific industrial needs. With a strong emphasis on flexibility and precision, Probot Oy’s solutions are designed to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing and contribute to the advancement of the robotics field.

Ginolis and Probot Oy: A strategic alliance to redefine robotic solutions

The robotics landscape is set to change with the recent announcement of Probot Oy becoming the preferred partner of Ginolis. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of excellence in robotics.

  • A Partnership Built on Excellence: Probot Oy’s expertise in robot solutions design has earned them the prestigious title of preferred partner by Ginolis.
  • Ambitious Targets for Innovation: The agreement sets a goal of 10 person-years of design work, reflecting the scale of their joint ambitions.
  • Introducing Kaiku: Ginolis’s new software, Kaiku, promises to revolutionize data analytics in manufacturing with its advanced insights.
  • A Brand Reborn: Ginolis has transformed, rebranding to reflect their operations and customer focus better.

“I am pleased to announce a new partnership agreement. We have come to know the Probot organization as a very reliable partner already, and now we are taking our collaboration to the next level with the Preferred Partner Program,’ said Kauko Väinämö, CEO at Ginolis.

Source: Ginolis