Piloting new solution for communication among palliative care stakeholders

Sonera is part of the multinational Telia Company. The development of health care services is centralized in the Sonera Healthcare business unit. With its partners, Sonera Healthcare is developing health care solutions for the public sector, businesses and consumers. Sonera has launched a pilot which is developing a new operating model and a supporting digital communications tool to support home care for the elderly. This solution facilitates confidential and real-time communication between the home care staff, clients and their families. The pilot project examines how a new type of approach can improve care and customer satisfaction.

Target markets: Scandinavia and the Baltics

Business Architect Jouni Joona on testing at OuluHealth Labs

What did you want to test?

We wanted to test the Sonera Vihko solution’s operations in the palliative care process within several different professional groups (nurses, oncologists, anaesthesiologists, social workers, etc.).

Why test in a practical environment?

We wanted to test how Sonera Vihko as a tool can be used in a real work environment. In addition, we wanted to get feedback from users of the tool for further development.

Why did you make use of OuluHealth’s test environment?

We got proof that our idea for the communication model and the appropriate solutions in a challenging, multi-organizational environment were correct. The deployment of new practices requires determined management of change and active practical implementation.

What about the future?

The plan is to expand into new operating environments in collaboration with customers and users.


Oulu CityLab:
Jaana Kokko
Technology Specialist, Welfare Services, City of Oulu
Tel: +358 44 703 4030
E-mail: jaana.a.kokko@ouka.fi

OYS TestLab:
Timo Alalääkkölä,
Project Manager, Oulu University Hospital
Tel. +358 40 561 4390
E-mail: timo.alalaakkola@ppshp.fi

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