Peili Vision’s solution available in the VR App Store

 SyncVR Medical and Sint Maartenskliniek have launched the world’s first VR App Store for healthcare, which is a real milestone for the VR sector. Oulu-based Peili Vision’s application is also included in the offering and can now be requested through the store.

Together with SyncVR Medical, Peili Vision aims to improve healthcare with the use of virtual reality. A big part of achieving this mission is bringing together the world’s best VR healthcare applications and making them easily accessible for every healthcare organization.

Peili Vision has created a virtual reality platform for neurological rehabilitation, which supports patients in their recovery processes, also during critical times, without any physical contact between the patient and the therapist. This innovation enables, for example, post-stroke rehabilitation from home. It consists of VR software, headgear and a tablet. By means of the headgear, patients transfer themselves to a virtual world designed by a therapist and perform exercises customised to stimulate their personal rehabilitation processes.

Read more information about the VR App Store’s offering here.

Source: Peili Vision