Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy affordable healthcare efforts viewed in over 90 countries

Paras Biopharmaceuticals Finland Oy (Paras Biopharma) is a Finland-based microbial biologics company, which focuses on the development of technologies for biosimilars and biologics in an efficient manner.  The overall objective of  Paras  Biopharma is to enable economical production and future availability of affordable medicines for unmet medical needs.  

A recent review of Paras Biopharma outreach outlines strong interest in the company’s  activities on global basis. The website was viewed in 90+ countries  globally. This strong interest in the company’s activities came from both USA/Europe (75%)  and emerging / developing world countries (25%).  

Paras Biopharma’s outreach efforts team is active on social media platforms with direct reach  out to professionals working in similar fields. The company efforts are encouraging specially  as  affordable  and  better  priced  alternatives  of  expensive  medicines/medicine  production  technologies are highly in demand and needed by millions of those patients and care groups  who cannot afford expensive medicines. 

Biologics are a special class of medicines that are highly effective in meeting unmet medical needs but come with huge price tags. To address the high-cost issues, countries are heavily emphasizing biosimilars (or follow-on biologics). At Paras Biopharmaceuticals, we have developed a  unique portfolio of microbial biologics technologies for the production of biosimilars and complex biologics which increase the number of medication options and potentially lower costs,” says Dr Mark Jackson, Administration Lead.  

Paras Biopharma is committed to the development of innovative and high-quality biosimilars  production  technologies.  The  company  has  developed  robust  biosimilars  technologies  to  cater the following: Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Metabolic Diseases, Oncology 

“Paras Biopharma anticipates that the companies from developed countries (in addition to those from emerging markets)  are interested in our technologies capable of exploring production of difficult complex proteins. We are motivated to continue striving further and contributing to the goals of making healthcare affordable and meeting unmet medical needs,” says Dr Ashesh Kumar, CEO of Paras Biopharmaceuticals. 

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