Oura and Natural Cycles specialists strengthen the know-how of the Nucu team

The Oulu-based health tech start-up, Nucu, will be supported by Oura and Natural Cycles professionals who will share their knowledge within the wearable technology.

The Nucu team are very optimistic about the cooperation as the strong scientific base and the support provided by the experts will help their innovation revolutionize the field of baby tech. In addition, the company has received an investment from Voima Venturest to boost its business.

Nucu has developed a well-being platform that provides multisensory stimulation by activating three of the main senses: tactile, auditory, and visual.  The first-generation Nucu Pad is a baby pad that soothes your baby to sleep with womb-like feel shapes. Piloted together with infant care professionals in the Oulu University Hospital, the Nucu Pad is designed to be used in multiple different environments, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Read more information about the established cooperation in the Helsingin Sanomat.

Source: Nucu