Oulu University Hospital on the list of world’s best smart hospitals 2021 by Newsweek

Oulu University Hospital has been placed by Newsweek on the list of the world’s smartest hospitals. Newsweek partnered with data firm Statista to highlight hospitals that best avail themselves of the most advanced technologies. These hospitals lead in their use of AI, robotic surgery, digital imaging, telemedicine, smart buildings, information technology infrastructure and EHRs. According to Newsweek, the pandemic has introduced new trends and accelerated the implementation of information technology and other tools that make hospitals “smarter”. The challenges that the healthcare sector is facing include an ageing population, rising expectations on the part of patients for access to high-quality care and health care costs. Technology is one of the ways for hospitals to answer these challenges, achieve their goals and introduce all the necessary changes to provide best care possible.

Oulu University Hospital, among other hospitals from the list, was also recognised for answering best the challenges brought by the coronavirus by being open to integrating new technologies and taking advantage of data-driven opportunities as they become available.

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Source: Newsweek, image – Oulu University Hospital