Northern Ostrobothnia boosts Innovation through regional cooperation

As part of the Social and Healthcare Reform of Finland, new practices are being developed to ensure that the citizens of Finland have equal and smooth access to health and social services and receive help for their individual needs. The Northern Ostrobothnia reform includes efforts to create and implement a regional co-creation model, which enables stronger cooperation as well as involvement of all stakeholders in the development of social and healthcare services. This model includes a description of regional, continuous, systematic co-creation activities, their processes, management and coordination. It also describes the support provided to all stakeholders participating in activities, such as supportive tools, services and roles.

In addition to creating the regional co-creation model, Northern Ostrobothnia has designed and launched a national Innovation and strategy network in co-operation with the Innokylä service (provided by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health and Association of Finnish Municipalities). The aim of the network is to share good practices and solve common development challenges through interregional cooperation, improve social and health care capacity for innovation and prevent duplication of development.

Since its launch in the summer of 2021, the network has generated widespread interest: hundreds of experts from different sectors interested in the development of social and healthcare have signed up for its activities. In the future, the main goal of the network is to create a common co-creation model for regions through national cooperation.

Contact person

Pauliina Hyrkäs

Innovation Coordinator, Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District

Project Manager, Northern Ostrobothnia Innovation and Testing activities (POPsote)