North Estonia Medical Centre to pilot Cerenion’s C-Trend® EEG analysis in intensive care  

The largest hospital in Estonia, the North Estonia Medical Centre, has started a pilot use period of Bittium’s Brain Status monitor, with Cerenion’s C-Trend® EEG analysis software embedded. The three intensive care units and cardiac post-operative ICU employ altogether 30 doctors and 179 nurses, who are now getting used to applying point-of-care EEG monitoring on their patients.

“We are really excited about testing new quick-EEG and hope to get the new system to everyday use soon!” said Kristo Erikson, Head of the Centre of Intensive Care.

Cerenion is on a mission to improve the quality of care by making simple and robust EEG solutions available to everyday acute applications. Cerenion’s C-Trend® EEG analysis software provides a new level of ease and confidence in monitoring the neurophysiological status of acutely ill patients, including cardiac arrest survivors. C-Trend® combines standard EEG measurements with advanced machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence tools to produce a set of parameters that may aid medical professionals in clinical decision-making.

Source: Cerenion