Neurosonic to support young athletes

Oulu-based Neurosonic joined Under Armour’s new youth sports program, The Workout, to help young athletes with talent, drive, and motivation be the best they can be.

Under Armour launched The Workout, an immersive athlete development experience, which assists some of the top young competitors with preparations for the next level of play. The program is the first to launch under UA Next, Under Armour’s revamped youth sports strategy that will continue to roll out in the next coming months. The idea behind this initiative is to help set the country’s top young athletes up for long-term success and Neurosonic is there to support the athletes with their recovery.

During The Workout event, eight high school athletes from a variety of sports met at the Under Armour Human Performance Center in Portland, Oregon, for four days full of instruction and activities similar to the exclusive training offered to Under Armour’s global roster of high-performance athletes like Stephen Curry, Michael Phelps, and Lindsey Vonn. After psychological assessments, competitions and exercises, Under Armour’s human performance team educated athletes on recovery’s role in a long athletic career and provided them access to the Under Armour facility’s state-of-the-art recovery tools designed to restore the body and mind.

Read more information and meet The Workout’s 2021 participants.

Source: Neurosonic