Neurosonic is making a new market entry

As the interest in Neurosonic® well-being technology is growing globally, Neurosonic Finland Ltd has taken the step to expand abroad.  After ten years on the Finnish market, the company as of May 2021, has a subsidiary in Sweden. 

“This is a big step for us as a rather young company. People are waking up to the fact that stress-related disorders are a modern-day pandemic and we have the solution to change that unfortunate development. Neurosonic offers a fantastic tool to make recovery a natural part of everyday life,” says Simo Pahkamaa, Neurosonic’s CEO.

To get closer to the Swedish customers a brand new showroom will open up shortly in Stockholm making Neurosonic products available for testing. 

Neurosonic welcomes both business representatives and consumers to the new showroom to get acquainted with their patented innovative recovery technology. 

Contact person 

Simo Pahkamaa