NE Device SW and Faizan Global Relief Fund launch Vitacam video measurements in Pakistan

NE Device SW, an innovative medical device manufacturer of software measuring vital signs from video, has signed a strategic commercial agreement with Faizan Globar Relief Fund (FGRF). The partnership enables clinicians to use Vitacam vital signs monitoring to triage patients attending the new Madani Healthcare Centre, in Karachi.

The service has already been soft-launched before Ramadan. It has been used to measure over one hundred patients on average daily. After Ramadan, female clinic patients will also benefit from contactless, non-invasive vital signs measurements. The number of patients measured daily is estimated to exceed 400.

‘We are thrilled to enter into this agreement with FGRF and already deliver benefits to their Madani clinic. Their mission to alleviate suffering in the community through healthcare aligns with our goal to offer contactless monitoring to patients who need it. We look forward to a long and successful collaboration’, said Moyeen Ahmad, NE Device SW CEO.

‘We are very excited to be partnering with NE Device SW. Vitacam enables us to triage patients using key vital signs without physical contact. We look forward to a productive and mutually beneficial relationship’, added Rizwan Ahmed, FGRF representative.

Vitacam measures respiratory rate and heart rate every 15 seconds automatically from a live video of a patient. Respiratory rate is usually the first vital sign to alter in a deteriorating patient. Timely and accurate respiratory rate measurements with early, effective, and appropriate interventions can improve patient outcomes. Heart rate is an important indicator of cardiovascular health and provides valuable information in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of a wide range of health conditions.
Under the agreement, Vitacam will be deployed to two assessment rooms in the Madani Healthcare Centre. It will shortly be launched also in Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Sudan with NE Device SW’s international business development partner, Vendor Junction.
 About NE Device SW
NE Device SW Oy is a software company from Oulu, Finland. It specialises in software for imaging and medical devices. Its flagship product ‘Vitacam’ uses computer vision to obtain vital signs measurements. It supports healthcare professionals by automating the routine task of gathering observations. ‘Vitacam’ is a CE-marked class IIa medical device.

About Faizan Globar Relief Fund
Faizan Global Relief Fund is a Philanthropical (Relief) Non-Profit-Organisation working independently in more than 65 countries on Health, Education, Food, Climate & Disaster Relief.

About Vendor Junction

Vendor Junction is a knowledge-based professional service and management firm specialising in international business development, channel sales ecosystems, and in-country business operations management across the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia for European and U.S. companies.  
Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and with representative offices in the USA, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, India, and Pakistan, Vendor Junction operates internationally with global reach for its clients.

Contact persons

Moyeen Ahmad, NE Device SW,
Rizwan Ahmed, Faizan Globar Relief Fund,
Sayed Jawed, Vendor Junction,

Source (text and image): NE Device SW