MoveSole takes up a business opportunity in Switzerland

MoveSole, a health company headquartered in Oulu that offers mobile gait and motion measuring devices, is exploring the potential of the Swiss market. The company has signed a representation agreement with Prodigo Sàrl, a business development company that supports firms in their expansion into the Swiss market. 

Eero Kaikkonen, CEO of MoveSole, is very pleased with the incipient partnership: ‘In many ways, Switzerland is a very interesting market for us. Compared to the Finnish market the Swiss healthcare market is more advanced in terms of how they accept and implement new technological solutions in their health and wellbeing processes. We see good business potential for both of our products, MoveSole StepLab and MoveSole Research. In Switzerland, there are more than 10 000 physiotherapists, and indeed they are the most important and appealing professionals for MoveSole StepLab. And for MoveSole Research, there are several universities and research organizations whose research capabilities are world class in health and especially in gait analysis.’

MoveSole has developed a solution for healthcare and sports professionals. MoveSole StepLab and MoveSole Research are mobile, sensor technology-based measurement systems designed to visualize gait and motion measurement results for quick analysis including motion symmetry, pressure distribution and timing under a foot from strategically placed force sensors. MoveSole devices consist of MoveSole Smart Insoles and MoveSole application connected wirelessly to each other. Being a genuinely mobile solution, they can be used to measure gait and motion also outside of laboratories in individuals’ everyday life settings. The use cases for these devices are almost unlimited for preventive and rehabilitation purposes. They can include cases such as following the recovery process of lower limb injuries or malfunctions, monitoring offload treatment of diabetic foot ulcers as well as analyzing the influence of performed activities among elderly people to support their quality of life. Also coaches and users can benefit from MoveSole measurement devices in sports and exercise.

Contact persons

Eero Kaikkonen

CEO, MoveSole

Michel Patteet

Prodigo Sàrl

Source: MoveSole