Monidor’s BBraun infusion pump integration project in the wellbeing services county of South Savo

Monidor, an Oulu-based health technology company, has initiated a project where the information from the BBraun infusion pump is being brought into Monidor`s remote monitoring interface. This enables the remote monitoring of infusions carried out with BBraun infusion pumps through Monidor`s IV Screen application. Up until now, Monidor remote IV therapy monitoring has only been possible for infusions administered without a pump, making this integration significantly expand the application capabilities of the system.

About Monidor

The company has developed a solution, which supports nurses working with patients who need intravenous (IV) fluid therapy. It has been designed for use in hospital wards and home healthcare. Monidor’s service includes an infusion meter connected to the infusion set and a remote monitoring application, which reduces the need for nurses to visit the site to check the progress of the infusion therapy. 

Source: Monidor