Monidor close to getting 1M€ worth prize in Kasvu Open 2019

The winners of the Finland’s largest corporate growth sparring programme, Kasvu Open 2019, have been announced. This year an Oulu-based Monidor was one of the companies looking for growth that participated in this programme.

About a hundred finalists were selected from nearly four hundred companies for this year’ edition of Kasvu Open. Sparring was carried out on 23 regional or industry-specific Growth Paths throughout Finland.The initiative is a sparring programme based on open discussion, knowledge sharing and development. It is open to all SMEs and  one of its main goals is to promote business development. The programme offers access to sparring to all Finnish companies, regardless of their age, industry or turnover.

This year, Monidor received a special honourable mention from the Kasvu Open jury for developing a practical solution that answers the growing needs in the healthcare sector. The company was also recognised for its credible development plan that enables fast growth and a reliable team of highly motivated members. Monidor is a med-tech start-up and its growth strategy strongly depends on expansion to international markets.

‘We participated in the Kasvu Open programme hoping to get professional advice on our internationalization plan. And of course we were also interested in receiving 1 million euro “sijoittajan suosikki” investment from Innovestor and Nordea,’ said Mikko Savola, CEO at Monidor.

Kasvu Open connects companies that share the desire to grow and develop their business. All the participants get to discuss exactly the things that are challenging for them.

‘We got a lot of mentoring and increased our visibility. This programme provided us with an opportunity to network with highly experienced entrepreneurs. One concrete result that I am proud to announce is having Tanja Piha, a highly experienced commercial executive, join our business advisory board. I can warmly recommend Kasvu Open to start-ups and start-again companies CxO’s,’ concluded Savola.


Contact person

Mikko Savola
CEO, Monidor


Joanna Seppänen, Health & Life Science, BusinessOulu



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