Meet Finnadvance, one of the Nordic life science stars 2021

The Nordic Life Science news magazine has chosen five most promising Nordic companies to highlight the versatility of the Nordic life science industry. Oulu-based Finnadvance was recognised for working on reducing the use of antibiotics.

All the selected companies are at different stages of development, with different focus areas, and they represent the different strongholds that the region possesses. However, they all have one thing in common, they come from different Nordic countries.

Finnadvance’s platform can speed up drug and vaccine development, and reduce the need for animal studies.

“We envision that the end product will be a machine where you put the drug in and it tells you if it is going to work or not. This way, the need for animal studies can be greatly reduced, and the drugs can be tested directly in a humanized model that allows even personalized drug development,” says Prateek Singh, CEO and founder, Finnadvance.

All the companies were chosen and presented in the latest issue of the Nordic Life Science news magazine. Read more about other selected businesses on the magazine’s website.

Text and image: Nordic Life Science news magazine