Medanets develops its solution through customer cooperation

Medanets introduces a messaging tool developed with its customers to complement its mobile solutions for healthcare.

Nowadays, the use of instant messaging tools is commonplace also in the healthcare sector. However, messages sent between healthcare professionals may include sensitive patient data, which makes the use of consumer messaging tools, such as WhatsApp, controversial. Medanets’ mobile solutions will soon be complemented by a messaging tool, tailor-made for use in healthcare.

Medanets’ team knows that healthcare professionals are the best experts in their field and day-to-day clinical work. Therefore, the whole Medanets mobile app has been developed in collaboration with them – and the messaging solution that integrates with the app is no exception. Customers’ help has been sought, for example, in determining which are the most important elements of a messaging tool used in clinical work. Customers from Finland and Norway have been among the co-operators.

Of course, it is essential that the recipient receives a notification when a new message arrives. However, constant influx of notifications interferes with clinical work. That is why Medanets is developing a possibility to manage notifications to its messaging solution. This means that the sender can decide who will receive a notification of a new message sent to, for example, patient-specific communication channel. This way, the messaging tool helps to draw the right people’s attention to the right message.

According to customer feedback, the opportunity to see if the recipient has read the sent message is at least as important as traditional notifications. This is particularly the case when work is busy. For instance, when the nurse sees that the doctor has taken note of the message, although not replied yet, the nurse can feel safe and does not have to stop other duties to call or go look for the doctor in vain.

In addition to patient and ward-specific communication channels, customers have hoped for the possibility of creating own communication channels for functional groups. These can be joined and left flexibly, depending on the situation. Flexibility is key, because functional groups do not work in a fixed physical place, and the staff members participating in the work can also change.

Security, of course, lays the foundation for everything. Medanets’ messaging solution aims to enable a discussion that supports and enhances clinical work; including but not limited to sensitive patient data. The use of solutions, such as WhatsApp is not suitable for this purpose. Medanets’ clinical messaging solution connects healthcare personnel in a secure and robust manner. It complies with general data protection regulation (GDPR) and applies all security and authorisation requirements. Data is stored either in the customer’s own information systems or carefully documented and saved in a central service within Europe, managed by Medanets also in this case.

Stay tuned – the best messaging solution for healthcare will be available soon!

Contact person

Juha-Matti Ranta
CEO, Medanets

Source: Medanets