Mectalent takes measures to improve the quality and efficiency of operations

Mectalent, a top expert in product development, demanding equipment manufacturing, and precision mechanics, has undergone meaningful changes to better serve customers and prepare for future needs. The development process included conducting a customer satisfaction survey, and implementing changes in their internal logistics, such as improving the existing 6S system for better efficiency, workplace safety, and quality of work. The company has also developed their work methods in production and assemblies, and joined new cooperation projects including the piloting KoKiVa project implemented by the University of Oulu and the City of Oulu.

Developing work methods in production and assemblies

The company has implemented new zero-point clamping systems for the machining centers, which is a mounting system for a CNC machine. It sets the workpiece in place with extremely high accuracy in accordance with all the coordinates. The repeatability accuracy of clamping between the clamping cycles is up to 0.005 mm. The short set-up time of the zero-point clamping system allows us to improve the efficiency of a single machining center as well as the entire manufacturing process. The customers can see the benefits of the new clamping systems in the cost of the machining work.

In their assembly services, Mectalent has developed new ways of utilizing collaborative robots. Cobots have been harnessed to, for example, install thousands of helicoils in parts ordered by the customer, which has freed up the assembly personnel for more demanding tasks.

New memberships and cooperation projects

Mectalent joined the FAME ecosystem (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem) in January. FAME is an industrial ecosystem aiming to improve the position of additive manufacturing and develop its business potential.

Being part of the FAME ecosystem provides the company with an opportunity to network with other Finnish experts and collaborate in ideating and developing new business opportunities for multiple fields, from semiconductor industry to health technologies.

At the end of March, Mectalent joined the Photonics Finland technology cluster, which supports the development of new business and research opportunities related to photonics, including manufacturing. Another initiative was joining the piloting KoKiVa project implemented by the University of Oulu and the City of Oulu. The purpose of the project was to develop cooperation between educational institutions and companies and to create new models for work-life visits.

Customer satisfaction survey results

In February, Mectalent conducted the yearly customer satisfaction survey asking their customers for feedback.

The results of the survey show that the three most significant reasons the customers chose Mectalent were the quality of services,  expertise, and the ability to collaborate.

Their product development services received positive feedback for understanding concepts, bringing new ideas, and implementing projects. According to the respondents, manufacturing services were successful in manufacturing challenging components with precision and in delivery reliability. When asked about improving the services, customers requested additional resources, faster response times to offer requests and pricing adjustments.

Source: Mectalent