Mectalent invests in production automation

Mectalent has made an investment towards production automation by purchasing a cobot, or collaborative robot, and recruiting Robotic engineer, Tuukka Palovaara.

“Production automation aims to boost productivity and unravel bottlenecks in the different stages of the production line. The robot can also perform effectively and precisely the repetitive work stages which are tiring for humans,”said Palovaara.

Mectalent first started using the robot in one of the biggest bottlenecks in production, loading the CMM. The robot works independently and enables efficient usage of CMM, which opens up more capacity for the evening and nighttime use. In the future, Mectalent plans to use robotics in other areas of production. A cobot provides significant benefits compared to a regular industrial robot. Cobots are programmed to work alongside humans and therefore the robot does not require isolation. The cobot is a versatile and flexible asset that can be easily transferred between work stations.

“This investment improves our service capabilities, quickness of deliveries and competitiveness to our customers,” concluded Sales Manager Joonas Pöyry.

Source: Mectalent