Mari Kärkkäinen appointed Near Real’s new chief operating officer

Mari Kärkkäinen, M.Sc., has been appointed COO of a health technology company, Near Real Oy, as of 1.8.2023. Kärkkäinen has solid and versatile expertise in the field of health technology both in Finland and abroad. With the international experience of the new COO, Near Real Oy will accelerate international growth alongside business development in the domestic market.

Near Real Oy has carried out research and product development work in the field of telemedicine for several years. The services and solutions implemented by the company are widely used in both the private and public sectors in Finland. Near Real Oy’s services operate as part of Finland’s largest healthcare systems, enabling secure and top-quality remote appointments that can utilise remote examination equipment and artificial intelligence. With the help of remote examination devices, an increasing share of primary, specialised and oral health care appointments can be carried out remotely, which streamlines the work of staff, improves access to care, reduces costs, and saves the environment.

Mari Kärkkäinen’s experience has made her aware of the challenges in healthcare and she says that we are in a situation where the full potential of telemedicine and health technology needs to be exploited.

“I am very happy to be involved in developments that will help the healthcare field face the challenges of an aging population, rising costs, and staff constraints. An essential part of the transformation will be a managed overall approach to technology adoption and the close involvement of care staff in the development process.”, said Kärkkäinen.

Near Real Oy is going international and is aiming for a significant growth opportunity by bringing AI-based solutions to the market to streamline care pathways. Measures related to internationalisation are underway and the first results are expected during 2023.

Contact person

Mari Kärkkäinen

COO, Near Real Oy   

Source: Near Real