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OuluHealth Labs provides your product a unique, integrated health test and development environment – including professionals’ feedback – for every phase of your R&D process. Our doors are open for innovative pilots that add value to patient care from home to hospital.

We support pilots in different ways


Proof of concept

Best ideas chosen


Professional consultancy
Lab simulation / Clinical research

Early stage pilots


User testing
Product training
Product launch

User references

OYS TestLab
(hospital environment)

A brand new test environment for specialized health care products and services in the heart of its provider, Oulu University Hospital. All you need, starting from a fully functional operation room.

OYS TestLab is a development and test environment for companies to test and develop their products and ideas in an authentic hospital environment and with genuine users. Oulu University Hospital uses the laboratory to develop their processes and to model and simulate building projects for the Future Hospital programme.

OYS TestLab locates within Oulu University Hospital. The laboratory covers 300 square metres on two floors, and a digital testbed for EHR integrations. Various hospital units can be built into open spaces: an operating theatre, clinics, wards, control rooms, waiting areas etc. OYS TestLab has a 3D virtual space and a 5G test network.

Further information:
Project Manager Timo Alalääkkölä
tel. +358 40 561 4390

OYS TestLab Products


Oamk SimLab
(simulation environments)

Test and get specific feedback of your product or idea from professional health care teachers and students. Or train your staff in our simulated test lab. Provided by Oulu University of Applied Sciences.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences has a versatile simulation and studio environment ecosystem – Oamk SimLab, which can be used as a testing and development environment in the product development of health technology and welfare services.

Oamk SimLab covers bioanalytics, nursing and emergency nursing, optometry, oral health care, radiography and radiation therapy as well as rehabilitation learning, testing and development environments with related equipment. The environments have, for example high fidelity patient simulators with all human vital functions, guided with a computer. It’s possible to simulate different malfunctions and diseases as well as exam and treat the manikin in different in and out hospital environments. The work input of multidisciplinary students can also be utilised in research and product development.

Further information:

Senior Lecturer, Tiina Tervaskanto-Mäentausta
+358 50 3596192

Oamk SimLab Products


Oulu WelfareLab
(healthcare centers and homes)

Test environment where the end-users are – at customers’ and patients’ homes and in all social and health care services within in the City of Oulu. You will get direct professional and customer feedback on your product in a real, everyday social and health care environment.

The City of Oulu opened a technology healthcare centre in Kaakkuri area in Oulu in 2008. In addition to usual patient care, Kaakkuri healthcare centre contributes in the development of city’s technology-enhanced processes and provides companies basic healthcare environment for product testing and development.

Currently, testing operations will be extended to cover also other social and health services in the city, including private homes. Particular emphasis shall be placed on the development of Kontinkangas Wellbeing Centre test operations.

Further information:
Technology Specialist Jaana Kokko
tel. +358 44 7034 030

Oulu WelfareLab Products


What is the process?

1. Submit your pilot proposal online:


2. OuluHealth Labs team evaluates weekly all submitted proposals.

3. You will be informed if the proposal has been accepted and how to proceed.


4. Kick-off meeting: initial testing need, testing content and time line estimation.

5. Preparation phase: the content will be planned together but customer is responsible of writing and providing the final test plan.

6. Agreement: OuluHealth Labs will provide a quote/draft agreement that is finalized and approved by the company.

7. Test users are recruited.

8. Test can be executed according to test plan. The piloting company needs to provide the test plan (filled in to OuluHealth Labs template), devices used in test case, a person for test session execution, question forms for the test users to collect the feedback

Case TIPLA Infusion therapy monitoring device: usability and user interface testing

Client: Monidor Oy

Monidor (www.monidor.com) is a company that focuses on monitoring and wireless eHealth devices. Goal is to offer safe and secure solutions with the best quality and reliability.


TIPLA. Monidor has designed medical device to enable accurate infusion therapy, simply and cost-effectively.

Brief: specialist feedback of usability and UX

Great user experience and reliable design are the most important design goals in Monidor products. Monidor needed feedback for the product development from Oulu university hospital’s (OYS) professionals. In the case OYS provided an expert jury of health care professionals to answer the following questions of the TIPLA:

  • Do you think the product is useful?
  • In what kind of situations the product would be at its best?
  • What are the most urgent development needs of the product?
  • Would the product facilitate your work?
  • Would you use the product?

The jury members consist of OYS TestLab project manager and seven nurses from different OYS departments. Video camera and printed forms were used to collection of feedback and remarks.


Monidor succeeded to collect a lot of useful information. Group of professionals in hospital care could give essential information about

  • End-user opinion about benefits of the product
  • In which department product is suitable and which not
  • How eager end-users are using product in their daily work


The nurses gave highly positive feedback concerning the user-friendly user unterface (UI) and small-sized product. Monidor was confident that product UI design was in the right track. Additionally some practical things that need to be taken into account in R&D raised during group interview. The product development and the company management received valuable information for developing the product’s next phase and its readiness for the market.


Monidor Oy
Mikko Savola, CEO
E-mail: mikko.savola@monidor.com
Tel.: +358 50 378 8890

Monidor Oy
Elektroniikkatie 3, 90590 Oulu, Finland

OYS TestLab
Timo Alalääkkölä, Project Manager
Oulu University Hospital

Tel.; +358 40 561 4390
E-mail: timo.alalaakkola@ppshp.fi

More pilots

Developing a new kind of periodontal probe

Client: OUAS – Oulu University of Applied Sciences


Oral SimLab was crucial in the development of a new kind of periodontal probe. The Oral SimLab environment provides modern dental units, facilities and devices. In addition, students of OUAS can provide testing where feedback can be gathered. Early feedback is invaluable for saving the development costs, improving the iteration speed and it allows us to get a viable product to the market faster.

The periodontal probe was tested on mannequins and in real clinical setting on patients. The testing was conducted by dental healthcare students and with the targeted future end-users, oral hygienist and dentists.

Results and summary

When using Oral SimLab we found the prototype was able to improve the measurement of the periodontal pockets. The device was found to achieve (tai: fulfil) its expectations and the tests proved that there is demand for this type of probe. Feedback from the Oral SimLab proved priceless in different stages of the development process. We were able to go from an idea to a fully realized prototype by using the OUAS students’ knowledge and SimLab’s facilities. Thus, SimLab will also be used in the future for the testing of new kind of prototypes.


Helena Heikka
Principal Lecturer
Oulu University of Applied Sciences

E-mail: Helena.Heikka@oamk.fi
Tel: +358 50 3670 341

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Product testing of SmartScope retinal/fundus camera

Client: Optomed Oy

Business sector/products: Imaging devices for health technology
Turnover: € 4 million 2014
Number of staff: 27 employees in Finland, 24 in China


Optomed needed documented information for the funders/investors and the authorities of the suitability of the SmartScope retinal camera for its intended use in the health care. The company also needed expert user feedback for the launching and marketing of the product in order to plan efficient ways of communication.


The SmartScope camera was tested in Oulu Welfare Lab, at the health care centre of Kaakkuri, during patient work on two different occasions. The first functioning prototype of the retinal/fundus camera was used in the first product testing and the skin module of the product was used in the second testing.

  • The product was used by the health care personnel for testing and evaluation
  • Other members of the staff had the possibility to test the device
  • Doctor-nurse work pairs used the product in their patient work
  • A test report with the findings has been conducted concerning the use of the device and suggestions for improvements have been communicated to the company

Results and concrete conclusions

The feedback was highly useful in regards with the future development of the device. On the basis of the feedback Optomed was able to make significant software changes in the interface of the product.

In the field of medical devices the testimonials of the users and all clinical evaluation is of primary importance not only because of the demands of the authorities but also in regards with the marketing. It takes a long time for a new company and a new product to gather enough evidence of the product’s compatibility and usefulness for its potential users. Thus, all the contacts and parties able to produce clinical data for the requirements of the company are of utmost importance.


Optomed Oy (Ltd)
Head Office

Hallituskatu 13–17 D
90100 Oulu

Tel: +358 20 741 3380
E-mail: info@optomed.com

Oulu Welfare Lab
Jaana Kokko, Technology Specialist, Welfare Services
City of Oulu
Torikatu 10
90015 Oulu

Tel: +358 44 703 4030
E-mail: jaana.a.kokko@ouka.fi

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