Klaimber solves a simple but surprisingly significant problem

Kailamed Oy has developed an innovative aid for people with limited mobility or diminished physical abilities. The company’s product, Klaimber, is a furniture-like person lifting device, which helps people get up from the floor quickly, safely and easily on their own. The lifting method is patented, and with its Scandinavian design, Klaimber blends in seamlessly with home decor.

As Klaimber can be used without outside help, it serves the trend of people wanting to live independently even in their old age, or despite disabilities. Its significance is amplified in times of a pandemic: reducing outside contacts, close physical contacts as well as infection transmission risks.

This product enlarges an active living environment for many people who normally spend much of their time in a wheelchair. They can go down on the floor, knowing that with Klaimber they can get up at any time. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities for fun, exercise and productivity, which our customers have been happy to tell us.

Klaimber is sold in Finland by Camp Mobility, a leading provider of assistive products and mobility aids. Internationally, Klaimber is undergoing customer and user pilots in Europe and Asia-Pacific. The demand for person lifting devices is ever-increasing, and this product is the only solution that fits everyday home use.

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Klaus Ala-aho
CMO, Co-founder, Kailamed Oy

Source: Kailamed