Kipuwex selected for the MatchPlay Challenge

Kipuwex, a pioneering company in the field of health technology, has achieved a significant milestone by being chosen as the sole international participant outside the United States for the prestigious MatchPlay Challenge. This exciting collaboration is in partnership with the esteemed OpenTreatments Foundation.

The MatchPlay Challenge: a global platform for innovation

The MatchPlay Challenge is a groundbreaking initiative that brings innovators, researchers, and companies together to address critical healthcare challenges. It provides a platform for advancing novel solutions that can transform patient care and improve quality of life. Kipuwex’s selection underscores the company’s commitment to revolutionizing pain measurement and management.

Kipuwex’s mission: redefining pain measurement

At the heart of Kipuwex’s mission lies a dedication to redefining pain measurement. Their cutting-edge technology aims to address the unique needs of vulnerable populations, including children under 7 years old and individuals with communication constraints. By providing accurate, continuous, and wireless monitoring of physiological parameters, Kipuwex empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and enhance patient well-being.

The role of OpenTreatments Foundation

The OpenTreatments Foundation plays a crucial role in this collaboration. As a non-profit organization, it empowers patient-led initiatives by providing software tools and support. These tools streamline the complex process of therapy development, enabling patient organizations to navigate the maze of treatment options effectively. OpenTreatments Foundation’s commitment to accelerating treatments for monogenic rare diseases aligns perfectly with Kipuwex’s vision.

Source: Kipuwex