Kipuwex Oy and the Chinese investor ‘Bepsun’ strengthen their co-operation

Kipuwex and Bepsun are extending their co-operation to research and development and are working together on the Kipuwex variant for the Chinese market.

According to the Mobile Economy Asia Pacific report (GSMA), the telehealthcare segment dominated the Chinese market in terms of revenue share in 2021 due to the increasing consumer-centric digital health ecosystems and rapid change towards the implementation of telehealthcare platforms for remote patient monitoring.

Oulu-based Kipuwex offers an IoT device for pain assessment for healthcare professionals and home users, which measures different physiological parameters from the patient continuously and digitally. This information is converted with an algorithm into pain data and transferred to a Kipuwex mobile application and/or Patient Information Database. The Chinese version of the Kipuwex innovation is targeted at home users. The solution will provide its user with a complete health report, including an automatic ECG diagnosis. Bepsun is using company resources in Finland and Beijing to speed up the development work.

Contact person

Marko Höynälä

Founder & CEO of Kipuwex

Source: Kipuwex