Kipuwex brought to the spotlight by the Insights Care Magazine

The Insights Care Magazine recognizes Kipuwex as the most promising pain management solution provider in 2023. Kipuwex’ CEO, Marko Höynälä, talks about the healthtech sector, the company’s innovation, and plans for the future in an interview published in the magazine’s February edition.

Marko’s expertise and passion for innovation have driven Kipuwex to develop a small wireless IoT device that continuously records a patient’s physiological parameters digitally, converts those parameters into pain data using an algorithm, and provides accurate measurements for both healthcare professionals and at-home users.  The company prioritizes the needs and experiences of patients, ensuring that their pain management solutions are accessible, user-friendly, and effective. 

The interview focuses on the current challenges in the pain management industry, Kipuwex’ vision for revolutionizing telehealth with a patient-centric approach and empowering patients to manage their pain effectively.

Read the interview with Marko Höynälä on the Insights Care Magazine’s website.

Source: Kipuwex