Dr Niclas Adler joins Kipuwex as a new Chairman of the Board

Dr. Adler is CEO and Founder of Adler Industries. He is also CEO and Founder of Synthesis Group, iHealth Solutions and iPower Group. Over the last 30 years, he combined the roles of a serial entrepreneur, an investor and an academic in the global technology space. His multiple outstanding achievements include shaping new healthcare innovation systems and major dedicated Investment Funds in several Asian countries. Dr. Adler has been a Board member and Chairman of Karolinska Development (Publ), investing in technologies to innovate the global healthcare industry as well as a Fellow of Sunningdale Institute in the UK advising NHS on new strategies. During his academic career, Dr. Adler was awarded more than 50 research grants from different scientific research foundations, agencies and companies for a total of more than Euro 20 million.

‘I am excited to join Kipuwex both as an investor and as a Chairman of the Board. Billions of people still do not have access to essential health services and at the same time, health care costs are unsustainable across the world. Next-generation sensor technologies in combination with smart algorithms bring unlimited opportunities to ensure accessible and affordable healthcare solutions. Kipuwex remote monitoring device is well-positioned to play an important role in revolutionizing the integration of quality healthcare outside hospitals,’ commented Dr. Adler.

‘Niclas Adler is a remarkable entrepreneur and senior executive that brings very relevant experience and networks from the global healthcare system. He is a strategic thinker and highly respected for shaping important innovations across the sector. Undoubtedly, his engagement with Kipuwex will accelerate our development to the next level,’ said Marko Höynälä, Founder and CEO of Kipuwex Oy.

Source: Kipuwex