Kipuwex and IDE Group collaborate to develop next-generation telehealth solutions for enhancing remote patient care

Kipuwex Ltd, a Finnish technology company, and IDE Group, an Australian consultancy and venture builder delivering medtech innovations have formed a strategic partnership. Kipuwex and IDE Group will collaborate closely towards developing and bringing innovative telehealth solutions to healthcare providers and customers globally.

The demand for healthcare services and technologies reached an all-time high in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The potential of telehealth has been emphasised given a global shortage in hospital beds and healthcare workers, creating a once in a generation opportunity to modernise healthcare systems around the world. The telehealth market size is valued at US$49.8 billion and will increase to US$266.8 billion in 2026, with a CAGR of 23.4%.

The Kipuwex-IDE Group partnership will build on Kipuwex’s easily attachable, light weight Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) device which wirelessly and continuously measures clinically relevant biomarkers vital to the assessment of human well-being and disease management to facilitate real-time data collection, improve remote patient care, enhance clinical workflows and increase healthcare provider efficiency.

IDE Group’s entrepreneurial partnership will help Kipuwex develop and commercialise a differentiated telehealth offering delivering meaningful healthcare outcomes in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and globally.

“In today’s competitive environment, collaboration is the enabler for the success of the company. Through collaboration with IDE Group we can achieve a common goal, which is to improve healthcare worldwide by providing reliable and affordable telehealth solutions,” said Kipuwex CEO, Marko Höynälä.

“This collaboration provides IDE Group with a great opportunity to bring its entrepreneurial values, MedTech hardware design & development expertise, and proven track record in creating value in new ventures, together with Kipuwex’s exciting portfolio of product, telehealth expertise and deep in-market relationships to improve healthcare outcomes worldwide,” added IDE Group Managing Director, Georg Sidis.

This partnership aligns with IDE Group’s strategic pillars. ”There are four main areas where we partner and invest in based on our expertise; wearable therapeutic and diagnostic monitoring devices, drug delivery, surgical instruments and diagnostics. This collaboration aligns with our particular knowledge and expertise to add value,” noted Mr Sidis.

Kipuwex and IDE Group expect to launch their innovative telehealth offering in the next two to three years.

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About Kipuwex

Kipuwex is a pioneer in remote monitoring and pain monitoring. The system comprises integrated biomarkers, proprietary algorithms and relevant mobile/Web/Cloud services. Over the last 3+ years from its humble beginnings, the company has been changing the way the healthcare industry ‘monitors and tracks’ patients’ ecosystem incl. patients, doctors, nurses, ambulances, home care and elderly care.

The company’s ability to ‘remote monitor’ especially during Covid-19 as well as the cost-effective, yet most innovative solutions, positions Kipuwex at the global forefront of the medical IoMT industry. Their solution plays important role in revolutionising the telehealth industry towards a more patient-centred-approach.

Kipuwex’s vision is to become a world leading company in remote monitoring and pain management.

About IDE Group

IDE Group aims to build better futures. Since 2003, IDE has grown over 100 medical technology businesses and realised over 500 projects across the medical technology landscape including diagnostics, drug delivery, respiratory care, radiology, radiotherapy, surgical tools and equipment, wearable therapeutic and diagnostic monitoring devices.

Contact person

Marko Höynälä 

CEO, Kipuwex

Source: Kipuwex