Kailamed receives a patent from the Japan Patent Office

Kailamed’s IP portfolio for its assistive product, Klaimber, is growing as the Japan Patent Office grants the company a patent for its innovative lifting mechanism.

The elderly and people with limited physical abilities – lower body disabilities included – often live by themselves. When needed, Klaimber enables them to generate the power for lifting themselves up with a simple sideways swinging motion. The product is suitable for the Japanese market due to the demographics and often tight living spaces in the country. The solution can also function as a regular chair and it does not require extra space or storage like many other assistive products. Therefore Klaimber is suitable even for small homes.

With the help of Klaimber, it is possible to live a more independent and active life with less help from outside needed. 

Contact person

Marko Kailasuo

CEO, Kailamed