Innokas Medical seeks growth via partnerships in Sweden

Innokas Medical aims to expand its presence on the Swedish market through collaboration with the Swedish technology company C-RAD Positioning AB, which develops surface-guided imaging solutions for radiotherapy (SGRT).

 In addition to development and contract manufacturing, Innokas Medical offers its customers quality and regulatory expertise and software development services with a focus on regulated medical solutions. 

“We have expanded our team in Sweden in order to serve better an even larger group of innovative Swedish technology companies that need a reliable partner to realize their innovations”, said Ari Paalijärvi, operations manager at Innokas Medical.

“We value long-term partnerships with our customers, such as C-RAD. Continuous improvement is part of our DNA. Close collaboration and a longer focus on the future enable us to find the perfect matches to complement each other’s capabilities. It gives reliability, flexibility, and agility in the partnership, which our customers greatly appreciate”, continued Ari Paalijärvi.

Read more about the partnership on Innokas Medical’s website.

Contact person

Matt Johansson

Sales Manager, Innokas Medical

Source: Innokas Medical