Innokas Medical helped develop the Medicube X™ eHealth Station

MedicubeX has developed an automated self-measurement health booth in partnership with Innokas Medical. The booth allows the user to independently measure many of their vital signs and risk factors for example for cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. 

As a partner to MedicubeX, Innokas Medical has supported the design and manufacturing of the new device. The industry’s quality requirements and regulations involved were also handled by Innokas Medical as an experienced partner. The first Medicube X™ eHealth Station recently arrived at Vuosaari health center of the City of Helsinki and plans to continue the partnership are underway.

Read more (in Finnish) on MedicubeX’s journey and how partnering with an experienced MedTech company can benefit product development.

Contact person

Eeva Lindroth

Head of Brand and Communications, Innokas Medical

Source: Innokas Medical